3 Cheapest Bikes for Beginners- Review

Picking out the best bike for you don’t have to usually cost an arm and a leg, and there are bikes out there that can suit your style without you forking out $1000 just for it. That’s why in this bike review we will look at 3 cheapest bikes that can perform almost as well as a $5000 bike.

1. The Marlin 4

The Marlin 4 is a mountain bike that is catered towards beginners and people who are looking into mountain biking. It comes with a silver aluminum frame that has a top tube which dips down towards the seat tube for XS/S size bikes, while the larger bikes have your typical frame shape. The Marlin 4 comes in 2 colors, matte antharacite, which is a sort of silver colour, and magenta. This bike is also lightweight, due to its aluminum frame, which is typically seen in more expensive bikes.

Though promoted as a mountain bike, the Marlin 4 is perfectly good for commuting as well, as the bike provides a smooth riding experience and easy changing of gears. However, because of its unlockable fork, power loss would be somewhat unavoidable when riding on paved roads.

At the end of the day, with its price range, this bike would be great for beginners looking to get into mountain biking without paying a huge sum of money.

Images of Marlin 4

2. The 820

The 820 Mountain Bike is another bike that is beginner friendly due to its cheap price, as compared to other models. Its frame is made of Trek’s own custom Steel, but since it isn’t a silver aluminum frame like the Marlin 4, the 820 will be heavier compared to the other bikes in this list. The colour option for this bike is only black, but that is compensated with nice blue stripes around the frame.

One of the upsides to this bike being heavier, is that it is more durable than its other mountain bike counterparts, and without needing to make too much changes or tuning to the bike, it can probably still go strong for a couple years without deteriorating in quality. One downside is that if you are a professional biker looking to take this bike into heavy and rough terrain, modifications would be required for the bike to handle its surroundings.

So, if you’re looking for a bike that is good for leisure use and commuting, this would be a good bike to start with, and once you get the feel of this bike, upgrading to a bike that caters more to professionals would be a smoother transition.  Its overall design also makes it suitable for making those uphill climbs and smoother trails, and with modifications, rougher terrains wouldn’t be a problem.

Images of The 820

3. The Marlin 5

The third bike in this entry, the Marlin 5, is as the title suggests, another good entry level bike for the beginners out there. Like the Marlin 4, this bike comes with an Alpha Silver Aluminum frame, which means the frame for this bike is also lightweight, but without sacrificing its durability. The Marlin 5 comes with 3 varieties of colour, Trek Black and Lithium Grey, Trek Black and Dark Aquatic, and Factory Orange and Lithium Grey. Basically, Grey, Blue and Orange.

The pros for the Marlin 5 easily outweigh the cons, and for good reason. A high-quality frame means that the bike can be very durable, and its materials used allows it to be lightweight. Plus, the frame of Marlin 5 comes in 7 different sizes, ranging from XS (137-155cm), all the way to 2XL (195-203cm). the only con is that despite it being as good a bike as we made it to be, at the end of the day this is still only a entry level bike that caters well to beginners looking for a good time on a bike, rather than seasoned professionals that have years of experience riding mountain bikes.

With that being said, the Marlin 5 is an all-around bike that suits those that are either looking for a comfortable time riding to work, or looking to ride through simple terrain among the trees. Compared to the other bikes on this list, the Marlin 5 might be a little pricier, but at the end of the day, still worth investing to.

Images of Marlin 5