5 Surfboard Racks For Your Bike

Imagine going to the beach to surf but packing all the stuff in the car is just a hassle. Now imagine going to the beach to surf but using a surfboard bike rack to carry your only essential right by your side as you ride your way to the beach while taking in the nice breeze. In this review, 5 surfboard bike racks will be reviewed, from surfboard racks by Ho Stevie! to Move by Bikes.

1. Ho Stevie! Surfboard Bike Rack

Price: USD 79.97

Product Description: This surfboard rack by Ho Stevie! Is made to hold surfboards up to 8 feet/2.4 meters long, though longer surfboards may work, but it may be just a little more difficult. The carrier arms are made to be able to adjust according to the type of surfboard and bike you’re riding. The rack can go without a board bag, and it also comes with foam covered arms that can help prevent scratches on your surfboard.


A pro to this surfboard is the easy installation as you just have to attach a little piece to the tube of your seat. It also comes with the necessary tools for you to install the rack onto your bike, so you don’t have to buy a set of tools just for the installation. Aside from that, as mentioned in the product description, the carrier arms can be adjusted nicely to fit your surfboard and bike, so compatibility is the least of your worries here. The rack itself is also made from a strong aluminium construct, which keeps it lightweight and won’t corrode or rust. The black paint of the rack won’t chip of easily as well as the color is “anodized” onto the rack, which makes it long lasting.


One notable con of this surfboard rack is that it can be a little unsecure on your bike, as it may shift around as you ride, and you might need to tighten it every time it comes loose. Also mentioned in the product description, the rack is made to hold surfboards up to 8 feet long, and anything longer than that might make things complicated to install, so take note on that before making your purchase.

2.  Sikawai Surfboard Bike Rack

Price: USD 63.54

Product Description: The Sikawai surfboard rack is, like the Ho Stevie rack, made from a lightweight and strong aluminium material, which comes with a soft sponge on the rack to help with prevention of rubbing between your bike and the surfboard. The surfboard has a weight capacity of up to 20kg, and the carrier arms can be adjusted to fit your bike. It also comes with a bungee cord to hold down your surfboard nice and safe.


The parts of the rack can be easily taken apart and assembled, which makes storing it easy and simple for you. The rack can not only hold surfboards, but wakeboards, snowboards, and even bodyboards. It is also super durable and light as heck, which makes carrying it around super easy for you. Also mentioned above is the soft sponge built onto the rack, which really helps if the rack were to hit the ground when riding on bumpy roads.


Though assembly of the rack is made simple, the surfboard might hit the ground when first installed as the rack may slip, so it may take some alterations to the carrier arms so that it is truly secure and can safely hold your surfboard. Aside from that, very little cons to this surfboard and is a good price for what its offering, from its durable material to its adjustable foam arms.

3. Norker Surfboard Bike Rack

Price: USD 79.95

Product Description:  The Norker Surboard rack, like the other racks, are made from a lightweight and strong aluminium construction, with easily adjustable carrier arms which fits most mountain bikes, beach cruisers and road bikes. Also, like others in this list, this rack comes with soft foam to prevent scratches, even when going on a bumpy road. The adjustable width of the carrier arms also makes it so that your surfboards are as secure as it gets before heading out to the beach.


Super easy installations make it an easy choice if you’re having trouble with putting racks onto your bikes, and the rack can easily handle surfboards that are longer than 8 feet, so the length of your surfboards are another problem you don’t need to worry about. The rack itself is overall pretty secure as it won’t wobble around as you ride, even when going on bumpy roads. Plus, if you get the rack on Amazon, it comes with a wetsuit hanger on purchase, so you can save yourself a little money on that department.


Assembly of the rack onto your bike isn’t a problem, but the assembly of the parts may be. It may get a little confusing when putting the rack together, but it shouldn’t be a problem once you get the hang of it. Also, you probably shouldn’t get this rack if your bike has a carbon seat, as it may be too much for it to handle.

4.Codinter Surfboard Bike Rack

Price: USD 76.99

Product Description: A fine surfboard bike rack made by Codinter, this surfboard Bike Rack is made from a durable aluminium construction that gives it a rigid form, which also provides resistance to rust and corrosion. The bike rack works well with most surfboards up to 8 feet long, and its adjustable carrier arms makes it easier to change the rack around to fit your bike nicely. The padded foam that comes with the rack makes for a nice cushion that will keep your surfboard safe from scratches and bumps, allowing it to comfortably rest on the rack.


This rack comes with all the pros of previous racks mentioned here, but with some extra stuff as well. Because of the way it’s designed, Codinter’s surfboard rack makes it so that you can speed up with your bike without worrying about wind resistance coming from the increased surface from your surfboard and the rack. The weight balances itself nicely so you don’t have to worry about staying in balance when riding your bike.


A con that is bad, especially if you’re a bike owner that has bikes with a lightweight seat post, the bike rack may not be able to be supported by your bike. The weight of the rack may cause an imbalance when hooked onto your bike as the lightweight seat may not be able to support it. This adds a sense of danger when you’re riding, as the imbalance may cause you to fall and hurt yourself.

5. Move By Bikes Longboard Bike Rack


Price: USD 153

Product Description: This surfboard bike rack made by Move By Bikes is definitely in the pricier range, but with good reason. This surfboard bike rack is made from aluminium and stainless steel which helps with the prevention of rust. It also comes with a patented quick release bars that lets you to easily remove the bars when not in use with the push of a button, and can be easily installed back when you’re ready to head out.


A pro to definitely take note of is how sturdy this surfboard rack can be. As this rack is mounted right onto the frame of your bike, this makes it super stable when carrying your surfboard during rides. Also as mentioned the mount is detachable, which makes this rack really easy to store and won’t take up much space in storage.



Nothing much to say when it comes to the downsides of this rack, as this may be as good as it gets with surfboard bike racks. Of course, you do want to take note of the price, as it can be a little more expensive than the rest. Although, worth the price in my opinion.



5 of these surfboard bike racks have its own ups and downs, but at the end of the day, it still manages to get the job done, which is to bring you and your surfboard safely to your desired destination. In my opinion, I’d recommend the last rack in our review, which is the one made by Move By Bikes, but if you’re scared of the price, the Ho Stevie! rack may be the one to go for you.