Bike racks are a crucial tool to have when travelling to your cycling location. Imagine going to a hillside that is 20 kilometres away from your house while needing to carry 3 to 4 bikes for your whole family and friends. A good bike rack will be your friend that will help carry your bikes to your destination. Here are 5 bike racks that may go well with your Honda CRV.

1. Allen Sports Model MT-1 1-Bike Rack

Price: USD 59

Product Description: The Allen Sports Model MT-1 1-Bike Rack is a bike rack made by Allen Sports. They come in only black and is suitable for minivans and SUVs, especially your Honda CRV. Now what stands out to me about this bike rack is that it is super compact, as it is foldable and can even fit in your bag if necessary. In fact, a carry bag will be included for the bike rack when you make a purchase for this bike rack, so the compactness aspect of this bike rack is even more evident.


The bike rack as mentioned in the description can be very compact when folded, and as it weighs only 1 kg, you can barely feel it when carrying it around. The folding and unfolding of the bike rack are pretty simple, and is very easy to set up, even your kids can do it without your help. Needles to say, it is a very durable bike rack as after going through harsh winds and bumpy roads, the bike rack is still in a pretty good condition. Compared to the other bike racks in this list, the price for this bike rack is considered cheap, and is something you can consider if deciding on a cheaper bike rack.


One particular con for this bike rack is the most bikes you can fit on it are 2. So, if you come from a large family and need to handle more than 2 bikes, this may not be the bike rack for you. Also, if not installed properly, the bike rack can definitely be wobbly and may cause some serious damage to your car’s paint job, and the straps definitely fits the price point as it is not of the best quality. Some users have reported that their straps have snapped after their 5th or 6th use, but that may be due to the straps being installed too tightly.

2.  Saris Bones Trunk Bike Rack Carrier

Price: USD 166 for 2 bike 239 for 3

Product Description: This bike rack made by Saris comes with 2 different styles, the Bones Trunk and the Bone Ex Trunk. The only difference between the 2 styles are the strap types, as the Bones Trunk has a normal ratchet, while the Bone Ex has a spring-Loaded Ratchet. The materials used to make the bike racks are completely recyclable, and comes with a leg that avoids contact with cars that has spoilers.


The straps are of high quality, and are easy to latch down and loosen. The buckles are made of metal, which gives you an extra sense of security towards the holding of your bike. Installation of the bike rack onto your car can be easy once you’ve gotten used to it, and will never make another wobble once properly installed on your car. As for the price, it is reasonable considering the quality of the bike rack, and will definitely last long for you if used properly.


Though marketed as a bike rack that can handle 3 bikes, once 2 bikes have been installed onto the bike rack, there is hardly any space left for a third. Another con that you might want to take note of is that depending on your car type, the rack isn’t positioned properly as the distance from the rack to the car makes it so that the bike closest to the car can still hit your car in some places and hurt the paint on it.

3. Allen Sports S-102 Premier Two Bike Carrier

Price: USD 90

Product Description:  This other bike rack from Allen Sports differs from the previously mentioned one as this bike rack is build to be easily installed using minimal time. The bike rack can be folded to be more compacted, and also has a patented tie-down system that make sures your bikes are safe and secured. It also comes with a narrow set carry arms which fits a large variety of bikes of different styles and sizes.


The rack is built to make sure that there is enough distance between the bike and the car so that scratches can be avoided, and you can drive with high speeds without worrying about the bike hitting your car. But if you’re still a little paranoid, you can add some thin rubber patch to areas which can be scratched. Furthermore, as mentioned in the description, the bike rack is easy to install and takes less than 5 minutes to get it onto your car.


If your car has spoilers installed on it, this bike rack may not fit well with it. When installed on cars with spoilers, the metal part of the rack will come in contact with the spoiler’s edges. You can try to add rubber pads right on top of the spoiler, but if you spoiler is made of fiberglass, your spoiler may not be able to handle the extra load.

4.Tyger Auto TG-RK3B203S Deluxe 3-Bike Trunk Mount Bicycle Rack

Price: USD 169

Product Description: This bike rack from Tyger goes well with most minivan, and SUVs, and comes with a combination cable-lock which can give you extra security if you need to leave your bikes alone. The rack weighs about 1.3 kg, thus making setting up the rack onto your car a lot easier with the light weight. Besides that, the bike rack comes with an extra safety strap, and is rust resistant, which allows the rack to last way longer.


The bike rack comes installed with long-lasting rubber bumpers which helps protect your car’s surface and helps avoid any potential bumps and scratches. The lower frame is also padded, which allows space between your bike and the car, which really enforces the fact that your car’s paint job is safe and sound while being able to hold your bike on the back. Also as mentioned above, this bike rack by Tyger is super lightweight as compare to some of the other racks mentioned in this list, which makes it really easy for anything to install the rack onto your car.


A con for this bike rack is that there are no additional tightener or closure to really secure those straps down in case the rack would slip off the car. This is made more of a concern as the straps hold most of the bike’s weight, so you may want to consider getting yourself something that can help secure or really tighten those straps down.

5. BV Bike Carrier Tray Style Hitch Rack


Price: USD 200

Product Description: This bike rack is different from the others on this list because of one of its unique features, which is the tilt back design. This means that this bike rack allows you to access your rear gates without needing to remove the bike rack. The most weight this bike can handle around 31 kg, or 70 lbs, so holding 2 bikes shouldn’t be a problem.


This bike rack is pretty easy to install, and can be folded up, so it won’t be taking much space in your storage area. The Velcro straps may seem small at first, but it gets the job done. Also as mentioned in the description, its tilt back design really allows you to access your rear gates without removing your bike rack, which is so good, as it can usually be a hassle to access your car’s boot with your bike rack on.


The bike rack doesn’t come with any security measures, so you may consider getting yourself some sort of lock or cable to eliminate any sense of insecurity when leaving your bike alone. Also, the bike rack may have promoted its anti-wobbling system, but unfortunately it still wobbles from time to time. This may only be our problem, but definitely do keep in mind when getting this bike rack.