Mountain Bike Gear For beginners

While the perfect bike is the most crucial part of mountain biking, your safety and protection against the harsh mother nature is equally as important as well. That is why, selecting the best safety gear for your mountain biking experience must be a priority before heading to your first trail. This article will provide a brief summary about the 5 gears you will need during a ride, and the 3 best gears from each category that will keep you safe throughout your mountain biking journey.

1. Helmet

We’re starting off this list with the trusty helmet. A helmet is an important protective gear, especially when it comes to biking, and finding the right type of helmet for you is essential to getting the best experience. If a helmet is too small for your head, it won’t be able to cover the lower part of it; while if it’s too big for you, it will cause the helmet to move around as you ride your bike. The best kind of helmet for you shouldn’t be too tight, and it should sit level on your head. A way to measure the size is to tie a measuring tape around the biggest portion of your head, and the length of the tape would be the size of your helmet.

The sizing of the helmet are as follows:

XS: 51cm

S: 51-55cm

M: 55-59cm

L: 59-63cm

XL: 63cm

One for all size (helmets that are easily adjustable)

3 best helmets

Bell Super 3

Price: 224USD

A1 MIPS Classic Helmet


POC Tectal MTB Helmet


2. Glove

Another essential gear needed for your biking experience is the glove. Gloves are important for your grip, especially for people who have sweaty hands, as riding through a bumpy trail can be dangerous without a good grip, and that goes for all types of cycling. Most gloves are usually made from a synthetic leather, but there are some that have armor built in to it, offering even more protection when brushing against objects like branches and plants. When purchasing gloves, it ultimately comes down to your own personal preferences, so trying it on before you buy is important.

3 best Glove

45NRTH Sturmfist 4

Price: 130USD

  Giro Remedy X2

Price: 40USD

Dakine Sentinel

Price: 45USD

3. Goggle

Next up on our list are goggles. Though some people may find that goggles are not that useful when compared to the helmet, they cannot be more stray from the truth. Your eyes and eyesight are as important as the rest of your body, therefore making the goggles just as important as the helmet. The obvious use of a goggle would be to protect your eyes from bugs, insects, and the good old tree branch, but it also provides protection from the sweat that is running down from your forehead and into your sensitive eyes. Plus, the faster you go on a bike, the more wind resistance there is, making your eyes very uncomfortable to open, and therefore limiting your vision. The goggles get rid of that, allowing you to take in the view even while going at 30 mph downhill.

3 best Goggles

Giro Blok

Price: 119USD

Smith Squad Chromapop

Price: 100USD

Strata Outlaw

Price: 35USD

4. Kneepad

Kneepads are pretty self-explanatory, as in they do as they say, protect your knees. In the event of a crash, as you fly from your bike and onto the ground, these kneepads will be what’s stopping you from getting a bloody knee. This is due to a cushioning on the front, as well as a flexible armor patch in front of it that will reduce the impact even more. Though the pain from crashing would be unavoidable, it is still best to reduce the damage as much as you can.

3 best Kneepads

Leatt Airflex Pro

Price: 80USD

Fox Racing Enduro Knee Sleeve

Price: 59USD

Alpine Star Paragon Pro Knee Protector

Price: 84USD

5. Shoe

Mountain Biking Shoes are categorized under 2 category, Flat Pedal Mountain Bike Shoes and Clipless Pedal Mountain Bike Shoes. Choosing a pair of mountain bike shoe is as important as choosing the rest of your protective gear, however picking a pair of your choice may vary based on your riding style, pedal preference, terrain, and even the weather condition. Flat Pedal Mountain Bike Shoes are great for flat pedals as there are plenty of contact between them, which also means it’s more comfortable for your pedaling experience. Clipless Pedal Mountain Bike Shoes on the other hand is better for XC racing and DH. The shoes provide a much stiffer sole than the flat pedal shoe. And stiffness is considered good for mountain biking.

3 best Flat Pedal Shoes

Adidas Terrex Trail Cross SL

Price: 130USD

Five Ten Impact Pro 

Price: 160USD

Alpine Star Paragon Pro Knee Protector

Price: 84USD

3 best Clipless Pedal Shoes

Giro Terraduro

Price: 150USD

Scott MTB Team Boa

Price: 150USD

Shimano ME7 SPD

Price: 148USD